'Rocket League's' next add-on is a 'Jurassic World' crossover

Goals, uh, find a way.

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The Rocket League team is keeping up its recent habit of releasing add-ons themed around pop culture icons. It's launching a Jurassic World car pack on June 18th that -- surprise -- includes Jeep Wranglers like the sort you'd see roaming around Isla Nublar. On top of appropriate blue team (Jurassic World) and red team (Jurassic Park) vehicle skins, you'll also find a hard hat topper, appropriate banners and flags (including nods to InGen and Mr. DNA) and a roaring T. Rex goal animation.

There's no question that this is yet another not-so-subtle plug for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and we suspect the novelty might wear out the tenth time you score a goal with a rocket-powered Jeep. The pack only costs $2, though, so you're not spending an exorbitant amount to flaunt your fondness for dinosaurs.

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