EA just switched 'Skate 3' servers back on


When a developer or publisher kills a game's online services, it's usually an indication that game is in the twilight years of its life. For some games it's a coup de grâce. However, it looks like EA's Skate 3 might just be an exception to the rule. A number of sources are reporting the game's servers have been inexplicably resurrected -- just in time for E3.

YouTuber X7 Albert posted a video which indicates servers are functioning again, bringing back community parks, photo and video galleries, team lobbies, player profiles and more. Fellow Skate enthusiast RobinGaming corroborated the news, tweeting: "Skate 3 servers just magically went back online. @EA, You better not be trolling or otherwise...Boy. #Skate4".

Skate 3 is the third iteration of the extreme sports franchise and first launched in 2010. EA cited falling player numbers when certain online features began to disappear around 2013, eventually pulling servers down in 2016.

The reasons behind EA's apparent decision to revive the Skate 3 servers are unclear. But to do so just before gaming's biggest annual expo will no doubt raise a few eyebrows. Is EA implying that a Skate 3 remaster or even a Skate 4 announcement is on the cards? If Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are anything to go by, surprise sequels shouldn't ever be entirely out of the question.