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VR puzzler 'Moss' and its adorable mouse are coming to PC

Experience Quill's world through the magic of Rift and Vive.
Katrina Filippidis
Katrina Filippidis|@kkatlas|June 7, 2018 9:00 AM

Enchanting adventure Moss might have launched as a PlayStation VR exclusive, but developer Polyarc has confirmed it won't be tethered to Sony's console any longer. It's finally available on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for $30.

Moss sees players dive into a vibrant world stitched together by puzzles, combat, and dynamic platforming. Players control Quill, a tiny, inquisitive mouse, but also have the ability to assist her by manipulating the environment with a magical orb. Moss' tale is recited across several chapters; each one presents players with unique opportunities to alter the landscape, conquer devious foes and explore rich, mythical landscapes.

The PC release of Moss leverages the technology of both the Rift and Vive and aims to enhance the game's immersion further with native high-resolution graphics. Its cross-platform release was teased earlier this week, however, now that E3 is right around the corner, Polyarc seems keen to make Moss available ahead of what is sure to be a busy week.

With affordable headsets like the Oculus Go finally on the market, VR gaming has become much more accessible as a whole. VR still isn't as ubiquitous as standard consoles and the PC gaming rigs it's available on, but there's more content than ever, and platformers like Moss could help boost VR popularity further -- particularly with kids.

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VR puzzler 'Moss' and its adorable mouse are coming to PC