You can now sync Spotify podcasts on your Mighty

The device also lets you access curated playlists and remembers where you left off.

The iPod Shuffle-like Mighty launched last year, giving users offline access to their Spotify playlists. But missing so far has been the ability to sync the podcasts you follow on the music streaming service to Mighty. Well no longer, because Mighty has now released an update that will let you do just that. If you follow a podcast on Spotify, it will now show up in the Mighty app. Just head to Browse, then Podcasts, then click the series you want to listen to. Select which episodes you want to hear and tap the SYNC button.

Mighty users will also now have access to curated Spotify playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Your Time Capsule. You'll find those through the Made For You menu item under Browse in the Mighty app. Other tweaks include the ability to fast forward through songs and podcasts -- your Mighty will tell you how many minutes you've skipped through the latter -- as well as playback position memory. When you stop listening, your Mighty will remember where you've left off in any particular playlist or podcast, letting you return to that spot later on.

To access these new features, you'll need to update both the Mighty app and your Mighty's software. You can read our review of the device here.