Microsoft is using AI to make Windows 10 updates smoother

The company says more customers are satisfied now than in pre-AI rollouts.

AI is becoming so common that it's almost boring. While we're seeing some surprising new projects using AI, including detecting movement through walls and predicting that Brazil will be the winner of this year's World Cup, other companies are using the tech for more pedestrian applications, like improving translation and photo retouching. Now, Microsoft has an AI-powered system that decides which Windows 10 devices should get an Update first.

The company says that it is "seeing higher satisfaction numbers, fewer known issues, and lower support call volumes compared to previous Windows 10 releases." Microsoft piloted the program during last Fall's Creator's Update rollout, gathering data on the types of Windows 10 devices that had good update experiences. It then trained its AI model to recognize those types of devices and target them for earlier updates. In addition to a better upgrade experience, Microsoft says that using AI has allowed the updates to go faster, reaching 250 million devices in less than half the time the Fall update took.