'Fortnite' marks World Cup with stadium and goal scoring challenges

Naturally, there's an abundance of skins and items.

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Epic Games
Epic Games

You didn't think Epic Games would let a sporting event as momentous as the World Cup go by without a Fortnite tie-in, did you? Sure enough, the developer has made a slew of updates to mark the beautiful game's most important tournament. There's now a hard-to-miss stadium map, and your weekly challenges now include scoring goals on fields across the island. And naturally, there's plenty of themed items to buy with your spare V-Bucks.

There are six male and female jerseys to pick from, complete with personalization to reflect your favorite player's colors and number -- now might be your chance to have Neymar rule Tilted Towers. You can buy a footie-themed glider or pick axes, and emotes like a red card can signal an unforgivable offense. We suspect the novelty of all these extras will wear off once the World Cup winds to a close, but this might be just what you're looking for if you live and breathe the sport.

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