Microsoft is finally launching its new Xbox Avatar Editor

And Xbox Insiders get early access.

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Microsoft has been whetting Xbox users' appetites with the promise of new, customizable avatars since last year, and after several delays, they're finally becoming available. Xbox Insiders can get a taste of the Avatar Editor app starting tomorrow.

The customization banquet kicks off with a very Sims-like selection of closet items and customizable appearances, but the fashion conscious can expect extra clothing, accessories, props and moods to arrive soon. Microsoft's extensive avatar line-up already features a number of inclusive options, and this new course is set to dial up the diversity even more: a wider range of body types are making their debut alongside makeup, nose rings, and a multitude of color combinations that can revive even the dullest hairstyle.

Once you've finished beautifying yourself, there's a Photobooth option that lets you snap a picture and set it as your Gamerpic. The standard Gamerpic library is pretty gigantic as it is, but this new crop of avatars could be a tempting alternative for anyone looking into personalizing their account.

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