Tesla enhances security following report of ex-employee threat

It's linked to the lawsuit Tesla filed against Martin Tripp yesterday.

Yesterday, Tesla filed a lawsuit against a former employee, Martin Tripp, who allegedly stole gigabytes of data from the company and shared it with unspecified outside parties. Today, the company increased security at the Gigafactory because, according to CNBC, a friend of Tripp's called Tesla and warned them that Tripp was threatening to "shoot the place up." We've reached out to Tesla for comment.

CNBC reached out to the Storey County police department, which has jurisdiction over Tesla's Gigafactory. They received the following statement: "Deputies responded to investigate the potential threat. After several hours of investigation deputies were able to determine there was no credible threat. Further investigation into the threat's origin continues."

According to the lawsuit, Tesla has only just begun to uncover exactly what Tripp was up to. The filing says that Tripp admitted to hacking the company's manufacturing operating system, as well as sharing the data he procured with outside persons and/or companies. It remains to be seen whether Tripp was, in fact, planning on committing acts of violence in response to the lawsuit, but this hasn't been a great week for Tesla.