Tesla's Model 3 catches up on Autopilot and WiFi features

It's now more on par with its EV siblings thanks to a big update.

Tesla is still rushing to give the Model 3 some of the features you might take for granted in its EV stablemates. As part of a broader update across the lineup (including increased Autopilot nagging), Model 3 units now support a few key features, most notably Summon -- that is, the ability to move the car into and out of a parking space using either Tesla's phone app or the key. It's been something of a given for Model S and X drivers, but it'll definitely be appreciated if you'd rather not contort yourself to enter the 3 in a small garage.

The patch also adds something as simple as WiFi access. Until now, the Model 3 had to connect to LTE to receive updates -- this could give you a speedier connection when you're parked at home and help you grab... well, more updates. And if you live in a hot climate, cabin overheat protection (again available in other models) prevents the temperature from venturing past 105F for up to 12 hours after you've left your vehicle. It's primarily intended for drivers worried they may leave a kid or pet in the backseat for an extended period.

The ongoing updates are a reminder of how aggressively Tesla launched the Model 3 in order to meet its production promises -- the software continues to be rough around the edges nearly a year after the first vehicle rolled off the line. Even so, it's good to know that Tesla is determined to address shortcomings and give you many of the perks from its more expensive rides.