Two attendees of doomed Fyre Festival win $5 million suit

The pair live-tweeted the failed event and left early.

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DANIEL SLIM via Getty Images
DANIEL SLIM via Getty Images

You know a festival was a nightmare when the organizer is arrested for wire fraud, pleads guilty to the charge and then Hulu picks up a documentary about it. There is some justice in the world, however, as two Fyre Festival attendees have ended up winning millions in a lawsuit. According to a report over at Vice News, two attendees who live-tweeted the garbage fire of an event were each granted $2.5 million dollars for compensatory and punitive damages.

The Fyre Festival was presented as a luxury trip to the Bahamas for music, celebrity sightings and high-class food. The two plaintiffs, Seth Crossno and Mark Thompson, paid $13,000 for VIP passes and ended up only getting crappy tents, a gravel pit and bad cheese sandwiches. The men originally sought a minimum of $25,000 in damages, making this a pretty big win.

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