Fox set a streaming record during the World Cup on Monday

The network saw 2 million unique visitors, breaking the mark it set a week before.

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Steve Dent
July 4, 2018 6:22 PM
Dylan Martinez / Reuters
Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Fox Sports has done a lot of work to deliver live streaming coverage of the World Cup in Russia, but it seems to be paying off. The network announced that the Brazil-Mexico match was its top authenticated streaming event ever with 1.4 million unique visitors, and that Monday was its best all-time streaming day with 2 million viewers. That trumps its previous all-time high of 1.8 million unique visitors set just a week ago on June 27th.

On regular TV, 4,181,000 Fox viewers, peaking at 5,373,000, saw Mexico play Brazil, according to Nielsen -- numbers that are pretty great for not-exactly-soccer-mad America (though half of what Telemundo did). Soccer also drove more than half (55 percent) of Fox's 632 million streaming views for all sports in June. That means, despite a lot of hand-wringing when the US was eliminated from World Cup qualifying, the $200 million Fox spent to get the 2018 World Cup rights now seems like a wise bet.

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