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The Morning After: Even the World Cup couldn't escape 'Fortnite'

(Oh, and France are the new champions.)

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Sponge Bob Square Pants
Sponge Bob Square Pants

Welcome back. France has won the World Cup, so we can go back to playing Fortnite -- like some of the players. We hear more on the two million-dollar electric hypercar of the future and imagine a life with a cardboard accordion, courtesy of Nintendo Labo.

Without official test results, this is as good as it might get for now.
Tesla Model 3 rollover crash demonstrates how safe it is

While Tesla's Model 3 should be a safe car (this isn't the company's first try), it's hard not to feel nervous. Without official crash test results, how do you know how resilient it really is? Reddit user StapleGun has recounted what might be the first rollover crash of a Model 3, and the new EV appears to have done a decent job protecting its lone occupant in what many would consider a nightmare scenario.

The pitch became a playground for 'Battle Royale'-inspired celebrations.
Even the World Cup couldn't escape the 'Fortnite' fever

Now that England is out of the 2018 World Cup, there's one thing we're really going to miss about its team: The goal celebrations from midfielders Dele Alli and Jesse Lingard. While professional athletes creatively expressing themselves after scoring is nothing new, these guys stood out because their quirky moves were inspired by none other than Fortnite. Best of all, they did it at the world's biggest sporting event. Fortnite's mark on the World Cup in Russia is just the latest example of how inescapable the Epic Games' survival title is.

Whether or not it's better than a Tesla Roadster is another story.
Pininfarina's $2 million electric hypercar boasts a 250MPH top speed

The company has finally offered both teaser pictures of the PF0 (surprise: it's sleek) and performance numbers that could make Tesla Roadster buyers at least momentarily nervous. It can reach a blistering 250MPH top speed, reach 60MPH in under two seconds and provide about 310 miles of driving range. You'll no doubt have to be gentle on the throttle to achieve that last figure, but this is theoretically a vehicle you can take on a city-to-city jaunt with some bursts of mind-numbing quickness in between. Not that it'll be cheap: Pininfarina estimated that the PF0 will cost between $2 million and $2.5 million, putting it closer to the Bugatti Chiron (starting at roughly $3 million).

Cheering up your Monday morning...
Nintendo Labo's contest champions include a solar (cardboard) accordion and teapots

Nintendo has unveiled the winners of a Creators Contest that challenged them to produce games and musical instruments, and the results go well beyond what you might expect. One of the more inventive examples is Momoka Kinder's solar-powered accordion. It uses the Joy-Cons to both play notes (when you cover one of the holes with your finger) and change volume based on tilt, while pressing buttons on the Switch screen controls the octave. It's also relatively easy to make -- you can use tissue boxes if you like.

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