Tinder adds Bitmoji so you can flirt with cartoons

Snapchat's caricature factory is coming to the dating service.

Now we know why Snapchat started letting third-party services use their cartoon-like Bitmojis: To up your flirting game. Starting today, you can use them in Tinder to impress matches with your hilarious sticker jokes.

You'll have to go through a bit of a confirmation process connecting BItmoji through Snapchat and authenticating it for use on Tinder. But from there, it's smooth sailing -- so long as you're in Canada and Mexico, since users in those countries are the only ones getting the cartoon caricatures in the dating app today. US users should expect to get it before the end of summer, Tinder told Engadget, and a global rollout will follow at some point after the company has evaluated the feature's debut in the test markets.

Now that we have those and profile GIFs, we're just waiting for the dating app to formally implement the women-message-first opt-in feature it was testing earlier this year.