PlayStation and Xbox sales discount 'Fortnite' and 'Shadow of War'

A quiet time in game releases is good news for your bank account.

Jerritt Clark via Getty Images

Summer tends to have few new video game releases, but that also tends to have an upside: loads of discounts. Both Microsoft and Sony are running limited-time sales on games that promise some steep price drops, and not just on old titles. Microsoft's Ultimate Game Sale, for instance, is promising up to 67 percent off Xbox One games between now and July 30th. You won't get that cut on the biggest games, but there are still some solid offerings. A Fortnite Standard Founder's Pack is 40 percent off (down to $24 in the US), while Assassin's Creed Origins is 40 percent off ($36). And if you missed out on Titanfall 2, you can get the Ultimate Edition for 75 percent off ($10). And this is before the Xbox Live Gold discount, so you can expect better bargains if you're paying to play online.

Sony's Flash Sale only lasts until July 23rd at 11AM Eastern and tends to focus on older titles, but there's some definite gems. For one, this might be your chance to try Middle-earth: Shadow of War now that Monotlith has removed all the microtransactions that arguably hurt its gameplay -- it's 60 percent off ($20). It's also a good time to be a Telltale fan, as Back to the Future and Guardians of the Galaxy have dropped from $20 each to $6 and $8 respectively. Other notable breaks include Human Fall Flat (down to $6) and Warhammer Vermintide's Ultimate Edition (half-price at $25).

These discounts may only have so much appeal if you're saving your money for sequels and seasonal updates. With that said, there are some good offers if you're determined to keep your gaming schedule full during the summer doldrums.