Alita takes on a ton of cyborgs in new ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ trailer

She has to fight for her future as she struggles to remember her past.

A new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel, the long-awaited adaptation from James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez, has just been released, and in it we see Alita battling a whole of slew cyborgs as she fights to survive. The story centers on Alita, a discarded cyborg played by Rose Salazar, who's found by Doctor Ido (Christoph Waltz), a scientist that repairs her. Alita is desperate to remember more about her past, but she grows frustrated as she realizes that those in her present aren't telling her everything they know about her earlier life.

And while she struggles to recall her past, she's also forced to fight for her future, as those seeking to control Alita's power attempt to destroy her. In the trailer, we see Vector (Mahershala Ali) say, "She's threatening the natural order of things," before launching an all-out war to bring Alita down.

Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters December 21st. You can check out the new trailer below.