The Morning After: The end of the world's cheapest car

It's not the scooter's fault.

Good morning there! The world's cheapest car is retiring, there's a Nerf gun for your favorite miserable, masked Overwatch character, and Samsung has its own wireless charging plans for all your gadgets.

Reaper's favorite weapon starts a new series of game-themed toy guns.
The first 'Overwatch' Nerf blaster arrives in 2019

Hasbro is partnering with Blizzard on official Overwatch Nerf guns. The first of the bunch, the lengthily-named Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper Wight Edition, is due in 2019. It mimics Reaper's iconic shotgun in looks, though not in functionality. The toy weapon carries eight of Nerf's Rival rounds and includes both a ready indicator and a safety lock. Naturally, you'll need two if you're going to be true to the character (very clever, Hasbro).

European officials apparently decided it was too late.
Google reportedly offered Android changes to EU in 2017

Google reportedly offered to make changes to its Android policies in August 2017, not long after it received an EU antitrust penalty for its product search practices. Although Google didn't dive into specifics, it had offered to "loosen restrictions" in Android contracts and had considered distributing its apps in "two different ways."

The EU wasn't having it, according to the sources. Officials reportedly said only that a settlement was "no longer an option," and that Google's offer was "too little too late." It couldn't even mention the possibility of paying a fine as part of an agreement -- regulators had effectively locked in their course of action.

It focused too much on pure cost and not enough on value.
Tata will stop selling the 'world's cheapest car'

Tata's Nano was supposed to be a revolution in automotive design when it was unveiled in 2008 as the world's cheapest car -- in theory, it opened the door to vehicle ownership for people who'd otherwise have to spring for two-wheeled transport or nothing at all. After winding down production, the Indian car maker has declared that the current Nano "cannot continue beyond 2019." The final manufacturing numbers helped explain the move. Tata made just one (yes, one) Nano in June versus 275 a year earlier.

The Wireless Charger Duo would power both your phone and your watch.
Samsung may have an answer to Apple's AirPower wireless charger

When Apple eventually releases its AirPower multi-device charger, it might have some fresh competition. Recently discovered images and listings have revealed Samsung's Wireless Charger Duo, which (as the name implies) could offer fast charging to two devices at once. It wouldn't be as flexible as Apple's device since you'd need to place your devices on specific spots. However, you could top up a phone and the upcoming Galaxy Watch at the same time, or even two phones at once if you're using it as a family charging station.

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