'PUBG Mobile' adds fast-paced War Mode and clans

Casual and dedicated players just got more options.

PUBG Mobile just got some spicier gameplay, whether you're just looking for a quick fix or striving for glory. Both Android and iOS versions of the game now include War Mode, which ditches the familiar battle royale in favor of a deathmatch-style experience where respawns are available and kill counts are the key to victory. At the same time, competitive players are getting their fill with clan support (including insignia, missions and a Clan Shop).

There are plenty of other additions. There's a new team chat channel for finding partners, and a community system to find relevant topics. You can send players likes (similar to Overwatch's Endorsements) when you appreciate their gameplay, complete achievements to win titles and apparel, and navigate through redesigned interfaces that help you jump into the action that much sooner.

The updates won't necessarily have Epic worrying about Fortnite's, competitiveness, but they do reflect PUBG Mobile's importance in mobile gaming. It has over 10 million active players -- that's huge for any mobile game, and additions like this are crucial to both keeping those players engaged and expanding the base -- including PC and Xbox One players who might avoid PUBG Mobile when their favorite modes aren't included.