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Sonos CEO says Google Assistant could be on its speakers by year’s end

Patrick Spence also discussed the potential impact of US trade tariffs.

Google Assistant could finally arrive on Sonos speakers in time for this year's holiday shopping season, the company's CEO said. "We're working as hard as we can and so is Google to get it ready for that time," Patrick Spence told The Verge. Additionally, he noted Sonos is considering a partnership with the likes of Tencent or Baidu to bring a Chinese-language voice assistant to the speakers.

Spence also discussed the potential effect of US trade tariffs, as its speakers are built in China. He noted that if tariffs come into play, consumers will likely have to pay a little more to offset those costs.

Sonos became a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq exchange Thursday. The stock rose from $15 a share, settling at just under $20 at the end of trading. That gave the company a valuation of a little under $2 billion.