The best media streamers for dorm rooms

The good news is that almost all of your options are good ones.

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Will Lipman/Engadget
Will Lipman/Engadget

If you've decided having a TV in your dorm room is worth it to you, the next logical step is to hook up all your streaming services. Unless you've sprung for a smart television, you'll want to pick up a device that will let you watch media from your Netflix, HBO, Hulu and other subscription accounts. Lucky for your student budget, they're relatively inexpensive and almost all of the options are good ones.

The question isn't which streaming device is best, but which is best for you. Amazon's top-tier Fire TV pendant includes 4K support and an Alexa-powered remote to browse using the voice assistant. Google's basic Chromecast won't stream 4K, but the reliable device is half the price. Roku's Streaming Stick sits between the two in cost with a more user-friendly interface. Find all that in our back-to-school guide, along with 13 other categories and a total of 100-plus picks, curated by our editorial team.

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