Facebook is blocking links to 3D-printed gun files

The blueprints violate the company's rules on restricted goods.

Facebook is blocking links to sites that host 3D-printed gun files. The company has determined that such designs are not allowed under the regulated goods section of its community standards -- Facebook doesn't permit person-to-person gun sales.

Users are unable to post links to some sites hosting the instructions in the News Feed, Messenger or Instagram, but links to others can still be shared, BuzzFeed News found. Facebook is reportedly working on ways to ramp up its policy regarding the designs and to keep the content off of its platforms.

Several states are suing the Trump administration over a settlement the State Department reached with gun printing company Defense Distributed that allowed the files to be shared online. The blueprints were to become available on August 1st, but a temporary nationwide injunction blocked Defense Distributed from selling the designs until late August.