Shadow's latest game streaming box is sleeker, quieter and wireless

Shadow Ghost plays cloud games without the cables or noise.

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Blade's Shadow game streaming service is still young, but it's already getting a hardware upgrade. The company has unveiled a Shadow Ghost device that promises to deliver more flexibility and power than the Shadow Box. The curvy new design is slicker-looking, but also smaller, lighter and quieter -- Blade envisions taking it with you to a friend's place. It also includes Bluetooth and WiFi, so you don't have to string Ethernet cables or plug in wired peripherals. And if performance matters, HDMI 2.0 both enables 144Hz refresh rates and opens the door to gameplay on more screens.

Shadow Ghost might be easier on your wallet, too. It'll cost the same $140 as the Shadow Box (which is going away), but it should consume three times less power than its predecessor. The main obstacle is the wait -- the Shadow Box is already out of stock, and you'll have to wait until the fall to pick up the Ghost. While this won't be such a problem when you can stream games on seemingly every device under the Sun, it's worth noting if you prefer a dedicated cloud gaming device.

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