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Latest Pixel 3 XL leak shows wireless charging in action

It'd be the first Pixel with Qi as an option.

There have been hints Google's Pixel 3 line would support wireless charging, but it now appears to be a virtual lock. Maxim Khoroshev has posted a video showing a Pixel 3 XL topping up on a wireless charger. While it's not exactly a dramatic event (the device plays an animation hinted at in earlier code), it suggests that Google phone fans will finally get the Qi charging they've missed since the Nexus days. The quick clip also supports notions that Google is using an all-glass back to make wireless power a viable option.

Khoroshev also posted photos that he claimed were from the Pixel 3 XL, although that's tough to verify without the snapshots' original metadata. If accurate, they suggest what you already suspected: that Google will maintain its reputation for quality AI-assisted photography.

Both the Pixel 3 XL and its regular-sized counterpart are widely expected to launch soon (possibly in October, as with past Pixel releases) alongside the wireless Pixel Stand. It might also represent Google's opportunity to open a full-fledged retail store rather than small pop-ups and store-within-a-store concepts.