'Rocket League' Clubs help you compete as a team

Psyonix is also making progression easier and more rewarding.

Rocket League is practically tailor-made for team play, but actually organizing a team within the game? Not so simple. Psyonix is about to make it considerably easier, thankfully. As part of an upcoming Progression Update, it's introducing a Clubs feature that lets up to 20 players unite and compete as a team. You can create custom team colors and tags, too. Some details will remain under wraps until closer to release, but this could be helpful for esports and anyone who wants to play with a close-knit group.

The update's namesake changes should be important as well, however you prefer to play. The move both flattens the experience points you need to advance between levels, and removes the level 75 cap. You'll get more perks when you do level up, as well. Psyonix is promising a random "uncommon" item with each new rank, instead of the more unpredictable drops you see today. You'll also get new titles at level milestones (including new ones at level 100 and beyond), and there are new experience bonuses to encourage you to finish matches and stick with public players.

The new version reaches every Rocket League platform on August 29th. The progression tweak is ultimately an acknowledgment that the vehicular soccer title wasn't particularly kind to either newcomers or veterans, both of whom might have trouble acquiring new gear. You might be more inclined to come back knowing that a new decoration might be right around the corner.