'PUBG' is adding an expansive training mode

The two-square-kilometer map will let you practice all gameplay aspects.

As part of its "Fix PUBG" plan to, well, fix many of the issues in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds like sluggish performance and cheating, PUBG Corporation is adding a training mode to the game. Between five and 20 people can play together in the dedicated two-square-kilometer map, and work on any gameplay aspect they might want to sharpen up on, from parachute landings and driving, to shooting and vaulting.

The map includes a firing range with standing and moving targets, areas to practice melee and close-quarter combat, vehicle tracks, stunt ramps and equipment tables with all the items you get to handle in the full battle royale mode. These features are subject to change before training mode launches, which is tentatively scheduled for next month. The mode was designed to have a living map, so there's space to add more areas in the future.

Training mode should give new players an opportunity to get the basics down and practice various aspects of PUBG without worrying that someone will take them out at any moment in the actual game. It'll be valuable for experienced players too, as they can experiment with gun attachments and learn how factors like bullet drop weigh into combat. Perhaps training mode will even help you win a few more chicken dinners.