‘Into The Breach’ is available today on Nintendo Switch

Once more into the clockwork and often desperate mech-versus-bug battles.

Weeks after Subset Games' follow-up to FTL, Into The Breach, finally came out for another platform (Mac), it's arrived on another highly-requested system: The Switch. During today's Summer Nindies stream, Nintendo announced a slew of indie games coming to the hybrid console -- and with no warning, revealed the unique mech strategy game is available today for $15.

Where FTL is a roguelike in space featuring ship-to-ship combat, Into The Breach is a tight-knit tactical dance between a lone squad of mech-piloting humans and an onslaught of giant bugs emerging from underground. Players have to skillfully shift the battlefield in their favor against worsening odds as they fight to keep humanity alive; In that sense, it's less a Pacific Rim slugfest than a clockwork puzzle requiring tough choices. Sometimes that means letting the enemy obliterate a building full of civilians to accomplish a greater goal -- and sometimes it means ordering your pilots to make the ultimate sacrifice in a game where death is permanent. If you're in for close shaves and desperate hopes set to Ben Prunty's moody yet hopeful soundtrack, pick up Into The Breach.