Some of the best indie games ever are coming to Switch

'Undertale,' 'Bastion' and 'TowerFall' are a few.

It's clearer than ever that the Nintendo Switch is becoming the go-to console for indie game developers. Nintendo has unveiled launch plans for a spate of well-known indies in addition to launching a dedicated Indie Channel for news. You can expect classics like Undertale (September 18th), Supergiant's Bastion (Sept. 13th) and Transistor (November), the mobile hit Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP (October), and the multiplayer chaos of TowerFall (September 27th, complete with characters from Celeste). And those are the more established games -- there are other hits on the way.

The recent turn-based strategy darling Into the Breach is available starting today, for starters. You can also expect the mysterious Hyper Light Drifter - Special Edition (September 6th), Wasteland 2: Director's Cut (Sept. 13th) and Jackbox Party Pack 5 (October). Nintendo is also promising buzzed-about future releases like the cat-happy Mineko's Night Market, the Bushido brawler Samurai Gunn 2 and the avian chaos of Untitled Goose Game, all of which should be ready in early 2019.

There's no mystery to Nintendo's indie push. It knows that its system and the eShop are practically tailor-made for small developers (particularly those who want portable titles), and it's courting them to claim an advantage over its technically powerful rivals from Microsoft and Sony. This latest blitz just drives that point home -- if you want easy access to indies both at home and on the road, this might be your best (or in a few cases, only) choice.