B&O's Beoplay E6 wireless earbuds are built for exercise

They won't be cheap.

Bang & Olufsen is wading back into the behind-the-neck-earbud market this fall, too. Not content to release a pair of connected 360-degree home speakers and call it good, the luxury audio company is launching the Beoplay E6 (along with the rest of its fall/winter collection next month). Rather than a rigid neckband, the E6s are tethered via a soft cable. B&O promises five hours of use per charge, and that you can charge the earbuds while using them.

More than that, they're apparently splash- and dust-resistant, so they should handle pretty much anything that happens during a particularly intense workout. They'll also be available in a new dark-plum hue for this season, which B&O says was inspired by "the fruits of the souk, ancient ceramic pots and Moroccan carpets," among other Moroccan influences. Sure. If you'd rather something that blends into your wardrobe a little better, the E6 is also available in black and tan.

It isn't the first time the audiophile-friendly company has tried wireless headphones. It has also dabbled in truly wireless headphones before too a la Bragi, with the E8 this time last year. In 2016, it released the H5 Bluetooth earbuds. In the last two years, though, the price to play has gone up a bit. At $299, the E6 commands a $50 premium over their H5 predecessor; the E6 headphones are currently available online and at select retailers (in black and tan) and starting September 13th (in the plum hue).

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