Spotify's student Premium plan now includes Showtime

You still get Hulu for your $5 per month.

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Reuters/Dado Ruvic
Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Spotify is determined to keep sweetening the pot for student listeners and stop them from drifting toward rival services. It's updating its Premium student plan in the US to include a Showtime subscription on top of the existing Hulu Limited Commercials deal, all for the same $5 per month. To put it another way, you can watch both Twin Peaks and The Handmaid's Tale at the same discounted rate that only offered music just a few years ago.

There are limits. You'll need to be attending a Title IV accredited college or university, and the terms have typically limited the plan to three renewals (or four total years) before you have to cough up the regular rate. This probably won't carry you through grad studies, folks. You can upgrade to the Showtime-equipped plan if you're already in the middle of a subscription, though. And however long the offer lasts, this is still supremely tempting if you're heading back to school and need both study music as well as something to watch during your downtime.

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