Under Armour's latest wireless buds stay in your ears during workouts

The JBL-backed React and Pivot shouldn't fall out in mid-crunch.

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Under Armour
Under Armour

Wireless earbuds are wonderful for the gym... when they stay put. And Under Armour and JBL are keenly aware of that -- they've introduced two sets of Bluetooth earbuds, the over-ear Sport Wireless Pivot (above) and in-ear Sport Wireless React (below), that are designed for stability during workouts. They're lightweight and IPX7 water-resistant, but the chief allures are tip and hook designs that will keep the buds in place. You won't be subjected to the gym's repetitive soundtrack just because a bud fell out mid-burpee.

When you do want to hear the outside world, you can. You can push a button to temporarily lower the music and amplify fellow gym-goers, while an ambient sound feature will keep the music going while boosting external sound to keep you aware of your surroundings during outdoor runs. A solid nine-hour battery life should ensure that you can still listen to music after the workout.

Both the React and Pivot will be available sometime during the hoildays for $140 (€149).

UA Sport Wireless React

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