Ellen DeGeneres' return to stand-up arrives on Netflix December 18th

'Relatable' is her first comedy special in 16 years.

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres hinted over a year ago that she'd return to stand-up specials through Netflix, and that revival is now close at hand. Netflix has announced that DeGeneres' comedy one-off Relatable will premiere on the streaming service December 18th. The teaser clip doesn't say much about what to expect, but it does have DeGeneres engaging in some tongue-in-cheek name-dropping as she confirms the premiere over and over again.

Stand-up comedy is a mainstay for Netfilx, to the point where you can find snippets of it on SiriusXM. This move isn't exactly unheard of. Nonetheless, it's significant that DeGeneres went to Netflix rather than a traditional broadcaster. Netflix is willing to spend a lot to attract top comedy stars (it spent $40 million on Chris Rock alone), and those stars know they'll likely find a large audience.

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