Snap's new Spectacles 2 frames are now available

And one of them could look better on you than the original version.

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Mariella Moon
September 5, 2018 1:00 PM

Snap's second-gen Spectacles are way better than the first and all, but some fashion-conscious users might have passed on buying it because the frame didn't suit their faces. Thankfully, the company seems to understand that a pair of glasses is still a fashion accessory, because it has launched two new designs for Spectacles 2. Starting today, Snap will sell the new styles named Nico and Veronica on the device's dedicated website in the US, Canada and select European countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Italy for US$199.

Spectacles Veronica (left) and Spectacles Nico (right)

They have two very different silhouettes that also don't look anything like the original frame, but they're still the same device underneath. Both Nico and Veronica can auto save to phones' Camera Rolls and can generate square-shaped and widescreen photos and videos in addition to circular ones. They're still equipped with a camera on one side and with an LED ring on the other, but unlike the original pair, they come with polarized lenses and a semi-soft protective case.

Snap is currently selling the styles in limited quantities, but it will make them available for purchase again this fall. The devices will hit Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores in the US, as well as various retailers in Europe, in the coming months.

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