Ubisoft rewards two-factor use with free 'Rainbow Six: Siege' skin

Lock down your account and boast about it in the process.

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Ubisoft Uplay, Twitter
Ubisoft Uplay, Twitter

Epic isn't the only one using the promise of free in-game fashion to promote healthier security. Ubisoft is rewarding account holders with a free Rainbow Six: Siege skin if they enable two-factor authentication. It's a somewhat complicated process (it entails the Google Authenticator mobile app and QR codes), but the developer is betting that the allure of a unique operator outfit will be worth the hassle. As it is, you'll need to do this if you're the competitive sort -- 2FA will be required for ranked matches in the near future.

This isn't an altruistic act, of course. What Ubisoft spends on giving away free skins could be justified if it leads to fewer account hijacking complaints and more customers sticking with Siege (and Ubisoft as a whole) in the long run. It might also discourage would-be account thieves if they know they'd likely have to jump through hoops to take your account for a joyride.

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