PSVR mystery adventure ‘Déraciné’ arrives November 6th

FromSoftware's next game looks far less grim than its 'Dark Souls'-style mainstays.

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FromSoftware/Japan Studio
FromSoftware/Japan Studio

These days, FromSoftware is known for its grim Dark Souls and Bloodborne action games, and the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice isn't disabusing us of that notion. But before the latter hits stands next March, the game maker has partnered with Japan Studio with another treat for us: Déraciné, the PSVR adventure game about a boarding school mystery, is coming out on November 6th for $30.

Déraciné is directed by the same person who has helmed most of the Dark Souls-style games, Hidetaka Miyazaki, hearkening back to the days when FromSoftware put out titles in a range of genres. In it, players inhabit an 'unseen faerie' roaming around an old boarding school, gathering scraps of detail that tell a larger story. The game will be available on the PlayStation Store, or you can pick up a physical copy at Gamestop. Pre-orders are open, which get you a Déraciné PS4 theme and avatar set.

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