One of the most powerful 'Fortnite' guns is no more

The Drum Gun could wreak havoc in the right circumstances.

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Epic Games
Epic Games

It's the end of an era in Fortnite... not that some players will necessarily mind. As part of a relatively minor update, Epic Games has quietly "vaulted" (that is, retired) the Drum Gun. While the weapon has only been available since July, it caused no small amount of havoc when it premiered. Its 50-round capacity and high rate of fire meant that you could not only take out multiple opponents (certainly unshielded ones) with a single magazine, for starters. It could also create misery for anyone building a structure, since you could easily unload on someone's wall and still have ammo to finish off your opponent. And did we mention it was relatively easy to find?

Epic did tone down the gun for season five, but that just neutered enthusiasm -- it's no wonder the company is taking the weapon out of service. We wouldn't rule out Epic reviving the Drum Gun when it finds a better balance, like it did with guided missiles.

You'll have some compensation as it is. The same update introduces a Suppressed Assault Rifle that focuses on precision and stealth. It's the polar opposite of the Drum Gun in that regard, but that could make it ideal for taking out opponents at moderate distances without tipping off nearby rivals. Epic is still determined to add some variety to Fortnite, even if it requires some course corrections.

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