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The Morning After: The drone that can fly for two hours straight

The worst part about flying a drone is not flying a drone when it's charging.

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Mat Smith
September 11th, 2018
YouTube, Sunmi, Gashina
YouTube, Sunmi, Gashina

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good Tuesday morning! Heard about the drone that just keeps flying? How about a bumper crop of gaming news from the Tokyo Game Show? Sony showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and a bunch more games.

The battery forms the the main structure of the flyer.
This flying battery drone can apparently hover non-stop for two hours

Impossible Aerospace's US-1 can get in the air and stay there. The startup's drone is aimed at emergency services and uses a battery structure made of several smaller power cells. The US-1 can fly at up to 42 MPH and has a maximum range of about 46 miles. Impossible Aerospace says the battery can also be charged in under an hour, so you could be back in the air quickly.

The cutest Switch console
Nintendo's Pikachu & Eevee Switch is a Pokémon fan's dream

A shame not all Switches are made so cute...

Of course that's what they're calling it.
HP's Metal Jet could be a huge leap for commercial 3D printing

According to HP, Metal Jet is a "voxel-level binder jetting technology" that's up to 50 times more productive than existing 3D printing solutions. It also features four times the nozzle redundancy and double the printbars of the competition. Basically, it can be potentially even cheaper and more efficient than what's currently available.

Is this a new golden age for wearables?
Qualcomm's new chipset gives smartwatches new personalities

Thanks to the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, the next version of Wear OS will support three new modes: rich ambient mode, a dedicated sports mode plus a traditional watch mode. According to a Qualcomm spokesperson, your smartwatch could last for a whole month in the watch mode, while the others allow it to keep the screen powered up or act as a fitness tracker.

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The feature was initially planned for the OnePlus 5T.
OnePlus 6T will include an in-display fingerprint reader

OnePlus' next phone will have an in-display fingerprint reader, according to reports. OnePlus confirmed the feature, dubbed Screen Lock, saying it had initially planned for the fingerprint reader to be included in last year's OnePlus 5T, but the technology wasn't quite ready for public release at the time. It will add a secure unlock feature (unlike most phones' face unlock security) that doesn't clog up the smartphone face. It could well be the first mainstream phone to offer the feature.

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