Twitch tests a redesigned Xbox One app to match the PS4

It should be more stable, and lets you browse without leaving a stream entirely.

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Richard Lawler
September 11th, 2018

Last spring, Twitch launched a redesigned game streaming app for the PS4, and now it's testing a similarly upgraded front end for Xbox One. Currently to the Insiders test group, Microsoft said it's showing off three key adjustments:

  • Live video previews – check out live streams while you browse
  • Better support for past broadcasts – see chat on offline videos
  • Improved stability – the Twitch app has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve your viewing experience

Functionally, it's nearly identical to the version currently running on PS4. I gave it a try tonight on my launch Xbox One console, and the app is running more smoothly than the old one did. With video previews pushed up in the UI and menus that pop smoothly into and out of place, it runs more like Microsoft's own Mixer app, while some users report it now supports low-latency streaming with a 1-3 second delay.

I tried some broadcasting as well and the only difference I noticed is that it supports a bitrate of up to 6,500kbps. It works smoothly enough that I'd expect to see a wide release sooner rather than later, but anyone in the Insider program can try it out now by opening the beta program's hub app and looking under Insider content.

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