Google's Pixel 3 might come in a mint flavor

Please do not lick your phone.

Google's Pixel 3 phones have been some of the leakiest devices in recent memory, but there's at least one big question left.... what color options will you have? However, even that might not be much of a mystery. Google Japan has posted a "coming soon" teaser page that cycles through three colors when you click the company's "G" logo: black, white and (most importantly) mint green. Yes, you might get a phone with a color as fresh as chewing gum or mouthwash. The white graphic has mint accents, too, suggesting that (as leaks have indicated) even the white version will have a little splash of color.

If this reflects the color options, it's not certain that you'll have access to mint on both models when the Pixel 3 series debuts on October 9th. The Pixel 2's Kinda Blue was only available on the smaller phone. With that said, mint could still be a welcome break from the shades of black, white and blue that have dictated Google's palette so far. Besides, this may spark fond memories for anyone who misses the Nextbit Robin's cheerful hues.