Walgreens' and Sprint's partnership expands to Chicago and Dallas

Soon you can buy toothpaste, hairspray and smartphones in the same place.

If your options for a new phone are limited by your budget, transportation options or not wanting to sign a contract, an expanded partnership between Sprint and Walgreens could help you out. The pair recently announced that by year's end, between the Chicago and Dallas-Ft. Worth metro areas the there will be some 80 new Sprint Express locations at the corner-store chain. The two promise further details will be announced within the next few months.

Apparently, the trial in Gainesville, Fla. earlier this year went well enough to two new regions and a smattering of stores. At the outset, there were only eight locations where the program was in place in Florida. The service will run on Assurance Wireless, a government=backed carrier, and Walgreens employees will be eligible for a discounted rate plan.

It doesn't sound like the experience is going to be hampered much just because you can pick up a bottle of multivitamins along with your new handset, either. Sprint employees will be on-hand to discuss pre-and-post paid plans, and there will be a raft of accessories available as well.

Oh, and according to the press release, you'll get an earful about how great the Walgreens app is while you're at it, too. Clearly, the convenience of grabbing a new handset along with a bottle of multivitamins comes at a price.