The sequel to HQ Trivia is a Wheel of Fortune-style word game

This one's for the word birds.

HQ Trivia hit our phone screens around a year ago, promising us sweet cash money in exchange for our general knowledge skills. Since then it's kept up momentum, partnering with big name franchises and leveraging a social network-like model, in a bid to prove it's not just a passing fad. Now it's expanding further with the launch of a new game, HQ Words.

Similar to Wheel of Fortune, HQ Words involves deciphering a hidden phrase. Players will be presented with the blanked-out phrase, a clue, and a selection of letters that can be tapped to help complete the puzzle. Each player gets three taps, and will be awarded points for each correct letter selected.

Speaking to Digiday, HQ's CEO Colin Kroll said the company has loads of ideas for similar apps. "The sky is the limit, but the challenge is how do we build them." It's not yet clear what cash prizes will be up for grabs with HQ Words, though, but it'll more than likely borrow from HQ Trivia's model, which has taken strides in recent times to stave off competition from rivals such as Facebook. And as anyone who's made it to question eight on HQ Trivia knows, general knowledge apps aren't as easy as you'd think. Defeated quizzers will no doubt relish the opportunity to turn their hand to something else in pursuit of that cold hard cash.