Audible comes to the Apple Watch

Play audiobooks directly from your wrist over Bluetooth headphones.


Apple's latest Watch Series 4 has enough power to free you from your phone, but apart from music, there aren't a ton of entertainment options. Now, Audible's audiobook app has come to the watchOS 5, letting you listen to books directly from your wrist. You just need to sync Audible titles from your iPhone to your Watch, connect it to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, then play and control the audiobooks with no need for an iPhone.

Player controls include play/pause, jump forward/back, sleep timer, chapter list, skip option and narration speed. You can switch books by selecting the library icon and scrolling through your list, and easily remove audiobooks from your Watch. The app could be particularly handy with Audible's new fitness programs that guide you through meditation, 5K runs and indoor cycling.

Smartwatches like Apple's Watch already free you from a phone when you're out running, letting you track your activities and listen to music. Apple is trying to make it more useful if you just want to go out and chill without your phone, having recently brought the Podcasts app to watchOS 5. Provided you're willing to pay the $14.95 per month (after a 30-day free trial), Audible now gives you another option.