Slack buys and shuts down intelligent email app Astro

Astro will shut down its apps in October.

Slack has acquired email app company Astro and it will be using the company's expertise to better incorporate email into Slack channels. The company said that with over 50 million channels created to date, they're increasingly becoming the platform through which teams collaborate. "But we all know that email is still a very important tool in business communication," said Slack. "We've taken some steps to make it possible to integrate email into Slack, but now we're in a position to make that interoperability much simpler and much, much more powerful."

Last year, Astro launched its Astrobot Slack app, which let users manage their emails and check their Office 365 or Google calendars from within Slack. It also allowed them to do one search to pull up results from both Slack and email. "As we explored with Slack how to bring together messaging, email and calendar, it became evident that we would have the biggest impact on workplace communications and realize our original vision by joining Slack," the company said.

The bad news about the acquisition for Astro users is that the company is shutting down its Mac, iOS, Android, Alexa and Slack apps. Astro is no longer taking new users and existing ones will lose access on October 10th.