Uber brings 24/7 phone support to the UK

Finally, you can speak to a human.

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kasinv via Getty Images
kasinv via Getty Images

The whole point of Uber is to make getting from A to B as easy and convenient as possible, but when things go awry (which can include anything from confusing cleaning fees to allegations of harassment) getting in touch with an actual human on Uber's side has been a herculean challenge. Until now. From today, Uber in the UK is launching a 24/7 helpline, available to both passengers and drivers.

Uber had previously resisted implementing this feature, but appears to have relented in a bid to get back into Transport for London's good books, after it refused to renew Uber's operating license last September. The company has also repeatedly come under fire for the way it treats its employees, so the introduction of the helpline for drivers as well is likely designed to help smooth things over. The question is, though, will the people on the end of the line be able to resolve issues any better than the people already on the other side of its in-app messaging help service?

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