Watch the iPhone XS survive drop tests on concrete

It seems to be a tough phone, but you should probably buy a case anyway.

We've all had that brief moment of panic when our (probably expensive) smartphones plunge onto solid ground, so Apple's claim that the glass on Apple's latest iPhones is the toughest on any smartphone might be welcome news for the clumsiest among us. To see if Apple's proclamation held weight, Tom's Guide put the iPhone XS and XS Max through their paces with a drop test onto concrete from varying heights on the edge, face and rear of the devices.

The phones endured an 11-foot drop with nary a scratch, but raising the bar to 20 feet all but destroyed the XS Max. While the phones survived most of the drops attempted in the video, other tests indicated that a six-foot fall could be enough to shatter the glass.

So, even though the iPhone XS and XS Max seem to be sturdier overall, investing in a good case and a screen protector is probably a good idea. After all, Apple's charging hundreds of dollars to replace the screen out of warranty if you don't have AppleCare+ coverage.