CES announces female speakers for 2019 after this year's backlash

Acknowledging women in leadership positions helps the industry move forward.

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Mariella Moon
October 4th, 2018
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Even though there's no lack of female tech leaders to choose from, the Consumer Technology Association didn't sign any of them up as a keynote speaker for CES 2018. That decision unsurprisingly drew a lot of flak, and while it's unfortunate that a backlash was necessary for the association to change its ways, it thankfully didn't shrug off the criticism. The CTA has announced that AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be one of its keynote speakers for CES 2019.

Su is the second female speaker announced for next year's event -- the CTA announced back in August that IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty will speak about how technology can significantly improve how businesses operate and how people work and live. Dr. Su, on the other hand, will discuss the diverse applications of high-performance computing, from solving the world's toughest problems to the future of gaming, entertainment and virtual reality. Since it's still a few months before the event, the association could potentially announce more female keynote speakers to join Su and Rometty in the lineup.

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