Yahoo Together group chat app organizes conversations by topic

You can choose which ones you want to follow, and which ones to mute.

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You have loads of group chat apps to choose from if you want to keep in touch with friends and family, but Yahoo's new entry promises a more organized experience than most. The company has launched a new app for Android and iOS called Yahoo Together, which can split up conversations into topics. In a room with a dozen people or so, things can quickly get lost. Together allows you to group conversations and slap an appropriate titled on each one, so you can follow them more closely than the general chat without having to create a separate room. And in case you only care about specific topics, you can also mute the rest.

In addition, Together works as some sort of a file-sharing platform for the members of the group. You can attach any file into a shared library, which has a search function, so you don't have to manually dig through all of them to find the one you're looking for. Finally, the app gives you a way to attach a smart alert to any message. If your cousin invites you to his birthday party, for instance, just tap on it to set a reminder, and it'll send you a notification on the time you specified. No need to dip into your collection of ready-made excuses anymore.

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