June's smart oven adds Whole Foods meals to its library

Just let the machines take care of your diet.

Healthy eating without the tedious fuss of preparation -- that's the dream, right? Well, things are set to get a lot easier for lazy cooks looking to improve their diet, thanks to a partnership between Whole Foods Market and June, the do-it-all smart oven. From today, foods sold at the store will be integrated into the oven's custom cook programs.

Through an over the air software update, all June ovens will feature a Whole Foods Market icon on the user interface. From here you can choose more than 30 365 Everyday Value products and other frozen foods, from fresh salmon to pork andouille, shove it in the oven and hey presto, a healthy meal with minimal effort.

Matt Van Horn, CEO of June, said the endeavour is part of a "shared goal of helping people eat healthier and cook more." Convenience is king, there's no doubt about that. But while the June oven is a boon for time-strapped cooks (and lazy ones, let's be honest) its previously high price tag may have proven prohibitive. As such, the partnership will see June being sold in select Whole Foods Market stores in California for a slightly more reasonable $799.