Pocket's redesigned app reads all your articles aloud with one tap

Catch up on all the day's stories without looking at your screen.

Mozilla's save-it-for-later Pocket app is about to become much more useful for uninterrupted reading... including those times when you don't want to look at a screen. The company is launching a redesigned Pocket 7.0 for Android, iOS and web whose centerpiece is non-stop listening. You now have to tap a single "listen" button to tune into spoken versions of all your saved articles -- handy if you're commuting home and can't stare at your phone. Appropriately, the Pocket team has added a "more human sounding" voice so that the experience is more enjoyable.

You'll have a better time when you do want to look. The redesign includes a less cluttered article view, night-friendly app themes (including dark and sepia) as well as new fonts and text layouts to promote extended reading sessions. This isn't just the reading mode you see in some browsers -- in some ways, it's closer to a dedicated e-book app than an article saver.

Both mobile Pocket updates should be available now, while the web version is available as a beta test.