Swarm's latest update brings it closer to its Foursquare roots

The 6.0 update adds saved places and more.

The line between the Swarm and Foursquare City Guide apps just blurred a little more. Foursquare has released Swarm 6.0 for Android and iOS, and its tentpole features will feel familiar if you're more used to browsing places than checking in. Most notably, you now have a Saved Places section that shows all the locations you've bookmarked on top of a "completely rebuilt" map. If you're new to the concept, it's effectively Pinterest for foodies and tourists -- you can browse your friends' lists (when they grant permission), and your own list will sync with the main Foursquare app.

The update also maks it possible to rate places and offer tips directly from check-ins. You'll also see more details on check-in pages, and place pages offer photos, ratings, tips and other content that will help you decide on your next destination. In essence, it's more like... well, a city guide.

Foursquare is very much aware of the growing similarity between the apps. It argues that the similarities are necessary to "help fuel our users' lifelogs," and that the two apps reflect the differing ways people like to find destinations. In that regard, Swarm and Foursquare are now two sides of the same coin rather than distinct entities.