Scoot brings electric scooter rentals to Santiago, Chile

It’s the company’s third city of operation.

Scoot is expanding into its third city and it's bringing electric scooters to Santiago, Chile. As part of a pilot program, Scoot will be allowed to launch a fleet of its electric kick scooters in the business district of Las Condes, and up to 500 of the devices will ultimately be approved for operation. "We are excited for this new means of public transportation entering Chile," Las Condes Mayor Joaquín Lavín said in a statement. "This pilot program will be available in the popular business district of Las Condes, where short trips are common. We look forward to people trying this new service and integrating it into their lives. This is a great opportunity for people to get out of their cars and reduce their environmental impact."

The San Francisco-based company expanded to Barcelona earlier this year, where it offers both electric scooters and bikes. It was also one of just two companies that were awarded scooter permits in San Francisco this August.

Scoot expects to have 500 scooters up and running in Las Condes by 2019. "Scoot's launch in Santiago, Chile will set an example of how impactful shared [light electric vehicles] can be. They reduce air pollution, make streets safer, keep money in the local economy and make all mobility more affordable," said Santiago's General Manager, Gonzalo Cortez.