Nerf's first ‘Fortnite’-inspired gun is the AR-L Blaster

It will be available next June.

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Last month, Hasbro and Epic Games announced that some Fortnite-themed Nerf guns were on the way. And now we have a model and a release date. The first Nerf gun from the line is the Fortnite AR-L Blaster, and it features rapid-fire motorized blasting and flip-up sights. It also comes with a 10-dart clip and 20 Elite darts.

The blaster now joins another product of Hasbro and Epic Games' partnership. The two also released a Fortnite version of Monopoly earlier this month, complete with health points instead of money and Fortnite's ever-present storm.

The Nerf Fortnite AR-L Blaster will be available June 1st, 2019 for anybody who just can't get enough of the game. It will cost $50.

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